About ISO

The International Student Organization aims to create an atmosphere where all students, international and domestic, can meet and engage in activities to share in their different backgrounds, experiences, and cultures. ISO promotes friendship and cultural awareness to the UNO community by participating in and organizing social activities and events.


International Student Organization (ISO) Organized "International Night 2011: Celebrate the Nations" on March 26 from 6-9:30 P.M. at Human Performance Center. The event was a huge sucess. International Night was able to capture the cultures around the world under one roof for the night.The event Consisted of an International Buffet, Cultural Exibitsm Fashion show and Performances.

The buffet consited of more than 16 vairieties of cusines from different countries.The Cultural Exibits, Fashion show and the Performance represented different countries like China , Tiawan , Palestine , Latin America , Nepal , Pakistan, Austria, Equador, Honduras, Ireland, India ..e.t.c .

P.S go to this link to find out more about International Night.


ISO Advisor Alice Popescu Awarded Advisor of The Year

ISO advisor Alice Popescu was honored by SIL on Wednesday, April 20th , 2011 as The Advisor of the Year for her dedication towards ISO. She has demonstrated pure dedication and commitment to her role, as she has contributed tremendously to the advancement of the International Student Organization’s (ISO) success on campus.

P.S. ISO is very greatful for our Advisor Lindsey Bucher for all her commitment to ISO. It is the advising team team of Alice and Lindsey which has been phenominal for the growth of ISO.